Domina's ReForm School - Class #11

Domina's ReForm School - Class #11

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 47 minutes

My pet, this is the ELEVENTH Class of 15 at Domina's ReForm School for Boys. In this month's class lesson your Domina, Professor Shelle, is teaching you the ABC’s. EVERYONE needs to know the real ABC's. Using every letter of the alphabet, you will learn all the words that you associate with your SUBMISSION. you think about Me all the time, from when you wake up in the morning to when you slip into bed at night. In this class, I will be training you to focus on O/our Domina-slave relationship and the meaning of the words that W/we communicate between U/us and understand the unique motives and contributions you bring to Me. As with your class assignment, the better I know and understand you, the better I can manage and train you to reach your full potential in serving and pleasing your Superior Domina. As I raise My expectations of you, I want you to understand that It is through your commitment to SERVITUDE that I will bring you to the deepest pleasures of ENSLAVEMENT, that keeps you MINE forever.

Also PERFECT as a Stand Alone MIND FUCK session.

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Relearning the alphabet and the default worlds we associate with those letters is so much fun at Reform School for good submissive boys and gurls. No longer will i think A is for Apple and B is for Ball (well not the one used in sports anyway), after this class your submissive self will attribute every letter with something that signifies your submission to Professor (Domina) Shelle and all Women who are chose a Dominant lifestyle. So effective is the lesson it really does alter your perception of words, their usage and mostly importantly their significance to empower your submissive self to be a better servant and slave for you Owner. The pen may be mightier than the sword but the silky voice of Domina Shelle trumps all of these leaving the listener impotent to resist Her power yet aroused and horny when they surrender to Her domination and control. This is a class you will definitely want to attend and the homework is a creative opportunity for you to impress Professor Shelle!