Erotic Breath Control

Erotic Breath Control

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
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I will be controlling you….

I will be controlling how you breathe and when you breathe….and you will OBEY Goddess..

Did you know that through certain breathing techniques, you can achieve Amazing ORGASMS?

Now in this file…I will ask you to hold your breathe a few times…and you will obey Because you know that Goddess will tell you to inhale and exhale, at just the right times…

Are you ready?

Now breathe in….and imagine that you are breathing in radiant sexual energy… And you are releasing all of the tension held by your body and mind….

Allow all thoughts to simply melt away…as you fall DEEP for Me.


And as you relax I will use key phrases…that will unlock your pleasure and ignite Your passions…

I will control your every breath …. The very thing you need…to be ALIVE….


Each and every time you hear Me say ….. or ….. you will drop into a deep State of erotic pleasure…

Your pleasure sensors will ignite with desire and excitement and you will feel a flood of sexual energy flowing through your entire body….

Breath in… Breath out…. As you obey and become completely entranced By My amazing voice…

Breath control…the sweet surrender…pure obedience…programmed to breath as I command…

My sizzling words stroke your erogenous zones …. HANDS FREE…

Xoxoxoxo Madame Jade

**This MindMelt contains: Multi-layered sound tracks…My superior voice & light dramatic sounds, including subliminal messages, two TRIGGERs, arousal programming, mental domination, and complete mind control, ASMR whisper programming, rhythmic brainwave entrainment, seductive mind manipulation, EXTREME erotic CONTROL, Aroused and mindless you shall be….DROP.

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