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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 34 minutes + Mantra Loop

Whenever you hear My voice you naturally become more relaxed for Me, escaping into the erotic hypnotic world I have created for you. With your trust it opens your subconscious mind to My hypnosis, and in trance, your mind is now perfectly conditioned to follow all My instructions and commands. The more My voice penetrates your mind, the more obedient you become, the more pleasure you feel throughout your whole body.

Are you brave enough to listen and overcome your fear? Well, that is all I will say about this session...Oh, except for the fact that I will be doing some work in the cerebral hemisphere of your brain. Funny thing is, as always, you will listen because the curiosity is way too much to bare.

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        • femdom hypnosis
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To me this is an essential session for those serious about getting the most from hypnotic conditioning with Domina Shelle. Mental resistance is most commonly the biggest obstacle to entering the deepest of trances and acts as an impediment to accepting powerful suggestions. This is typically born out of fear, fear of the unknown, fear of losing control, of being powerless, of not recalling sessions, and the list goes on. Even when we think we trust the hypnotist our primal fear still emerges when exposed to potentially life changing suggestions and this is when you need the training in this session. Domina has developed an effective method to deflect our resistance by promoting our trust in here and the use of a mantra to shutdown all resistance. With repeated listens and some internal focused conditioning this is very effective and will benefit those that wish to push their boundaries and embrace everything Domina Shelle has to teach about submission, devotion and adoration.