Female Alien race turns men into Pigs

Female Alien race turns men into Pigs

Female Alien race turns men into Pigs

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A femdom erotic trance by Goddess Lana
Runtime 9:15

A group of tall, inter-galactic, dominant, horny female-only Aliens who have come to Earth to conquer and use Earth males as pleasure stock.

This female Alien species all have massive, thick, slithering organs which they shove down their smaller, subservient Earth male captives' throat, and demand they suck and pleasure them so the female can erupt massive amounts of her spunk into his belly.

As the horny female Aliens continue to use their captives for pleasure over time, the poor hapless males get pumped full of more and more Alien spunk, and begin to gain weight. Over time, the horny, sadistic female Aliens pump so much of their spunk inside their male captives that they inflate them into enormous, round, FAT blimps.

To their horror, these sadistic female Aliens weren't here just for pleasure. These femme fatales IMPREGNATE male species into massively inflated, immobile, round FAT incubators. They sadistically impregnate their male captives until the male is humiliatingly FAT, carrying a brood of new, dominant females.

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