Female Transformation MP3

Female Transformation MP3

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A femdom erotic trance by Goddess Amber Mae
You've spend most of your life living a lie. You're a female trapped in a man's body, and today you're finally brave enough to embrace your feminine side. This file contains a relaxing, powerful induction that will bring you deep into your subconscious mind, and even - for a little while - make you forget your own name. I will lift you up in pure bliss before I bring you down into deep relaxation - ready to explore your true nature and transform into the Woman you already are deep down inside. How will you walk? Perhaps in some stunning heels.. How will you talk? Sultry, seductive, shy, or provocative? How will you dress? How will you apply your make-up, if any at all? Are you going for the ultimate femme fatale look or will you keep it soft and natural? Discover it with Me, right here, right now. Pure relaxation, pure escape, pure bliss. A must for every sissy, lover of feminization & every aspiring Woman.

This is a genuine mesmerize file that contains binaural beats for ultimate relaxation. Do not listen to this file while working, driving or operating heavy machinery.

17:23m long

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