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A femdom erotic trance by Goddess Hilary Blaze
A hipntic spell causing a feminine spirit/demon/succubus comes to me when I go to bed, physically, mentally or in my dreams. She is always wearing sexy dresses and nightgowns. I become paralozed as she takes advantage of me. Her hands feel like satin. If she doesn't cause me to cum she will try to possess me through the night and haunt my dreams, And stay partially possessed of me, inside my head whispering things toward trying to feminize me and prepare me for the next night use me. Or maybe instead of the possession, the next night, she uses me from behind.
So, this is actually just a suggestion. But, actually may be a little to complex. But, just something having to do with some type of feminine dominant spirit, being used, feminization/crossdressing and maybe possession. Nothing to do with men or their cocks. Lesbianism if sexualility is involved. Maybe spirits come and possess all my women's clothing and when I wear them I get different feelings. The nightgown could be attached to the sexual spirits or whatever.
Actually I would let you decide the actual full idea within those parameters. And I won't want to know your decision. I would want to find out as I listen to the file. So you could make it. Then name it something that wouldn't give away anything.

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