FINDOM Pleasures

FINDOM Pleasures

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 34 minutes

As My slave, I am very pleased with your service and devotion. I am always looking for new exciting ways to intensify O/our interactions and relationship. Take this opportunity to explore your interest being Dominated in this special way. Try personally working with Me on any "Financial FANTASIES" that you may want to explore. Findom for Me is voluntary and safe. I always look out for you, My puppy.

As you listen and fall deep into trance for Me, I'll take you to a special place on My farm, you may never want to leave. Satisfy your curiosity about My Financial Domination. Take the few small baby steps...test the water. you may discover hidden desires.

BE WARNED, this session is SOFT and SENSUAL Financial Domination. It is NOT for everyone. Be aware, this session can instill NEW FANTASIES and desires deep within your subconscious mind.

The session includes a 1 day assignment and two pictures for added PLEASURES.

NOTE: The effects in this session are amazing...your experience being on My farm will feel so REAL and absolutely MIND BLOWING.

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This is one of the best FinDom trance files i have ever heard and that is from a person that typically avoid FinDom because of the demands it puts on both the Dominant and submissive to do this in a sustainable way. Domina Shelle intelligently lays out a wonderful argument why She is worth our adoration and that sending tributes and pampering Her is really a projection of our need to please ourselves. As submissives we live to be selfless, the act of giving being our primary motivation in order to feed our inner desire to help and support another, the Dominant. Domina Shelle spins the meaning of FinDom to be an extension of this, of wanting, no needing, to support Domina Shelle to see Her happy in life and not wanting for anything. And the argument She puts forward is so compelling and persuasive you will certainly want to contribute to Her future because, after all, Her future is your future!