FROZEN DRONE * Femdom Control *

FROZEN DRONE * Femdom Control *

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris

Get comfortable and prepare to be dropped deep into an immovable state….

I am your Mistress and you are about to become MY FROZEN DRONE…

I will drop you deep with My voice as I guide you into a relaxed aroused state where
You become mindless and unable to move.

Frozen in place as sensations run through your body and mind…flowing from head to toe, you become stiff, frozen, stuck in place
And unable to move… Cock rock hard and aroused…I will own your and use you as My words drop you into deep submission.

The more you focus on breathing, the more pleasure you will feel….

Once you are completely frozen with cock standing straight up…you will feel the deep pleasure of letting it all go…

You are now so vulnerable as I use you and share you…every party of your body stuck, unable to move…

You love the fact that I can control you with just My voice…. This is so sensual…such a deviation from the norm…. So up….so down, spiraling as you drift into obedience, the perfect frozen drone for Madame Jade…..

Frozen pleasure.

No resistance, just pure pleasure. A rock hard playtoy…ridden hard.

Simply follow My commands and you will see how powerful My suggestions are…owning you, freezing you, commanding you….the only orgasm you will be able to have, is a hands free….if I allow it.

DROP! No resistance, down…. Deeper…


Madame Jade

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