Full Access - Mind Manipulation

Full Access - Mind Manipulation

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 38 minutes

My puppy, it's a dangerous world out there with cyber crime, ransom ware and identity theft all on the rise but there is an even more sinister and imminent threat you need to be aware of! I know you have a weakness My puppy, something you were born with that leaves you susceptible and vulnerable to being lured and beguiled by beautiful young assertive Women looking to addict you to their amorous charms and deviant desires. This covenant of Women is so adept at subverting your defenses through erotic imagery, and overwhelming your resistance using strong emotional conditioning, they can enslave the mind of even the most resilient submissive, trapping in an endless cycle of obsession, compulsion and addiction.

This is beCUMing such a serious problem, My puppy, that I've decided to use My own very considerable talents - "My experience" you horny and silly boy (Giggles) - to help defend your against their malevolent designs. As a skilled (erotic) trancetist with a passionate, "purely academic", interest in submissives and how they respond to progressive indoctrination, erotic impulse control through chastity and long-term effects of exposure to thought manipulation I'm here to help, you know I am always helpful.

I'm very well qualified to help you, My HARD and HORNY submissive, and I believe I can insert the necessary safeguards to prevent other Dominant women subjugating your will, through the implantation of a powerful set of suggestions that will act as an impenetrable shield to their siren like voices. So, all you need to do is LISTEN now to this mp3 and trust Me.

Be assured, as your Mentor I will keep you safe from harm and will develop a new focus in your life, loyal and committed to a higher goal. Now I wonder what that could be... (Giggles)

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This session in a way justifies to me how i fell into Domina's event horizon. i have followed erotic trance for 20 years and have listened to a huge number of trance-dommes some of which are still around today and are extremely talented trancetists in their own right. However Domina Shelle's trance and her world of dominance and control is something different and more substantia, where Domina herself has the X Factor that makes her stand out from her peers.

i really do admire the work of other trance-dommes but after listening to Domina Shelle's work for 6 months i knew they was only ever going to be one way forward for me and that was to acknowledge just how much more i responded to Domina's dominance and control. Like this session its very subtle at first and you think you have a choice but by the end You are under no illusion, its not Your choice to make and as a true submissive Domina dictates everything!

After listening to Domina's (and Lady Helena's) work for almost two years now i've never once been tempted to stray from exclusively following Domina's work. The more i immerse myself in her sessions, and her world, the more i know this is where i belong. i truly hope that by listening to this session others can experience this incredible feeling because if you do you are well on your way to becoming the happiest you will ever likely to be, to know your submissive self is controlled and cared for by this amazing individual - Domina Shelle.