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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 45 minutes

you have summoned Me into your mind over and over...you never really questioned what I would do there....your Mind has been hacked...Now She is trying to hack your conscious mind. you must listen and let Me in. I am your ONLY hope now.

I can't tell you more...this is a session that you will listen to with BLIND TRUST. I will tell you this is a TRUE MIND FUCKING. Isn't it always so sexy to allow Me in without knowledge of what I might do to your brain? So much control. Yumm, makes Me wet.

This session is EXTREME Mind Control, with powerful SUBLIMINAL messages layered for best effects. Confusion trance techniques used throughout. Post trancetic SUGGESTIONS that will change you.

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With a leaf taken from the matrix film you are offered (the illusion) of choice, to be freed from the influence of Domina or to go deeper into Her world to learn more about what it means to submit, serve and obey this amazing Woman. Very likely you will select the red pill and so begins your new life of endless addiction and submission to Her will. By agreeing you essentially accepting that you are open to being reprogrammed, Hacked to surrender inexorably to Her domination and control. The conditioning portion of the session is exquisite, powerful and subtle at the same time, and you slowly feel yourself losing all sense of who you are and become utterly focused on how Domina influences every aspect of your life, past, present and future. The sensation is surreal but very erotic and, more importantly, extremely compulsive. This session is really for listeners who want to push their boundaries and crave experiencing complete submission to the quite amazing and alluring Domina Shelle.