Hard To Resist

Hard To Resist

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 41 minutes
Sample: LINK

Ahhhh, you have returned for more of My intoxicating words, a tranceTIC brew that dulls the mind and infatuates the heart. My words have the power to influence you, to lull you into a submissive state of acceptance, unable and unwilling to resist your inevitable fall.

you're mine because I've willed it to be so. That's what Dominant Women do with good submissive pets, We claim you, We train you and We subjugate you to fulfill Our needs and desires. And you are a good submissive, My pet to be precise, because you're lost in your erotic desires...lost in NEED and Addiction. (giggles)

I keep you hard and aroused, attentive and compliant, devoted and loyal. Hmm, put your hands in your pants, touch it, I bet you're HARD and AROUSED now for Me aren't you? Just reading these words and fantasizing of My crimson covered lips, My bountiful breast, My alluring perfume and My sexy painted nails, all stimulate your most primal need to submit and serve Me. Admit it! you want Me, you NEED ME! It's okay to surrender to these feelings, I'm irresistible to you, My sexy seduction and sensuality is too potent for you to resist.

Listen and lose yourself, lost in My world that's free of worries, thoughts and resistance, a world where your surrender to Me is an implicit part of your submissive self.

There's simply no way back for you, only a constant craving to continue this journey into DEEPER submission to Me, your Domina, your Mistress, your Princess and Owner. Listen NOW because I tell you!

Binural Beats that will take you quickly into a state of DEEP TRANCE...My voice, trance easily Brainwashing you, because I am the MOST POWERFUL.

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Hard to Resist is a very apt title for this session because Domina Shelle demonstrates why She is irresistible to the submissive mind. She is so skilled in seducing the listener that once She has you in trance it is virtually impossible to escape. Quickly you get carried away with the setting and with a series of clever suggestions the trap is set and you mindlessly fall into it. From that point onward you are a spectator in your own body as She sows the seeds that will eventually lead to your enslavement. It may not happen in this session but it is inevitable because Domina will become the focal point of your life, the centre of your submissive desires and the personification of every arousal. She will dominate your thoughts until eventually you will choose to submit to Her authority just to surrender further under Her control. Her skill with mental manipulation is unparalleled and if you seriously want to submit to a true dominant then this session will set you on the path.