Hardcore Goon Cult Induction Mindmelt

Hardcore Goon Cult Induction Mindmelt

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A femdom erotic trance by Angel Au Lait
32 minutes. MP3. [Note: For most impact, use your best headphones and listen to this clip in a dark room, while you are completely nude. A lubed, wet cock is best.] What makes you think you are ready? Have you been practicing lately? Have you felt the goonhole call you into the abyss of pleasure? Have you sacrificed hours of your time to commit to the life of a true goon for Angel? Hm.. for your sake, I truly hope so. I hope that you enter the world of utter porn servitude .. but we will see if the goonscape will accept you. You have to be selfless before pleasure. You must realise it’s greater than you. It’s so much bigger than you. Bigger than you could ever understand but .. the goonscape is willing. It’s willing to bring in a new, mindless slave. The goonscape is willing .. and so are you. It makes sense .. why you were drawn to this lifestyle. But, there is something you must understand. There is no way for you to return to your old life. There have been some instances where people attempt to escape .. and r3lapse is inevitable .. especially when the mind is so weak. You can’t go long without thinking about your goon addiction, can you? It truly is your drug ..
If you truly want to pledge and find out if you’re worthy, there will be steps you have to take to ensure you’re offering your very best. The weakest of humans have silly notions of reservation which they cling to in order to continue living their pathetic fantasy. You might think of this as something temporary and whimsical. But we’re going to change that before we even begin to consider you. You will let go of all sense of control. You will clear your mind of any thoughts of reservation and replace them with thoughts of servitude. You will let go of your sense of self and pride and know that the self you made isn’t good enough. Your new self will be better. So let the old self go and we can begin.
Join the goon cult, enjoy your induction.

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