trance-Persuasion 2

trance-Persuasion 2

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 39 minutes

My pet, feel MY purple persuasion flowing through's taking over...I warned you. Now, I use every method at My disposal to utterly subjugate you, binding you irrevocably to My control and authority. I am your ultimate trancetic seductress, with a VAMPIRIC LURE, capable of disarming any man's defenses, subverting your will and re-programming you to inevitably succumb to My erotic power, enslaved and bound to Me for as long as I will it. LOSE ALL CONTROL with My Vampiric pull, NO will, NO awareness, completely powerless to do anything but what I want. Taking you beyond your own expectations, into My world. I invade your mind with SURPRISE! you already have My PURPLE PERSUASION running through your veins...My virus has taken are COMPELLED to listen and OBEY NOW! My sexy words will take you, look into MY eyes...listen to My voice.



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For many of us that listened to trance-Persuasion and were lost in the power of Domina's persuasive skills, the colour purple now evokes a distinctive feeling that is indistinguishable from subservience to Domina Shelle. This powerful association is taken a step further in this vivid session where Domina weaves a tale of being preyed upon by powerful women who have the ability to enslave whoever this wish and whenever they wish it. Disguised as a seductive narrative, this is a power play to demonstrate just how weak the submissive male truly is to resist the unfathomable power Domina has over our highly suggestible and susceptible minds. For those that love the feeling of being over powered or being the presence of somebody that has absolute control over them, this is for You. The only real danger in this session is loving it too much and to be honest being lost in Domina's world of submission and control is an obsession i willfully indulge in.