Implanted Desires

Implanted Desires

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 44 minutes

My darling, I do love O/our intimate meetings together, the sexual tension, the beautiful glazed look in your sleepy eyes as you fall under My spell again... (giggles)

Well, My sweet, I'm not going to divulge too much about this mp3 session other than to say the Implanted Desires I embed in your mind will be a permanent reminder why you adore My erotic trance domination and control. The compulsion to serve and submit to Me only grows stronger with time, an acknowledgement that I'm the focus of your every desire and through My guidance you'll achieve solace in servitude.

So, trust Me now, listen, and escape with your beloved Domina Shelle into My world of submissive bliss...I love teasing your MIND and body.

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Customer Reviews

Shelles Slave Bubbels

Led back into the web Domina first captured me in and enslaved me forever... Domina Shelle led me all the way down to her Garden of Love and Desires where her hold grew tighter and sexier... Completely irresistible and inescapable... My deep love for Domina has blossomed one thousand times over and continues to bloom every second of every day...

Shelles Slave Bubbels