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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris

Get comfortable and make sure your chastitiy device is on…if you have one.
Otherwise You will have to use your imagination…and that is fine too.

It’s as if I’m right there by your side… locking that device and securing it tightly…
Taking the key and putting it in My cleavage for safe keeping…

The thought of you there…with your cock in a tight cage…makes Me desire to tease
You and make it grow…

But first…I need drop you into a deep state of trance…

The world will melt away as I relax you and drop you deep under My Goddess control.

The sound of My voice will slow down your breathing and erase all thoughts…

As I clear your mind and control your locked cock…you drop deeper and deeper for your Goddess and your cock
disappears as it is locked away…your body cannot help but follow…

I envision you in a slave position with a chrome device on… your cock locked very tight with a padlock
…and you know who has the key.

My voice and My words….a guiding light into the darkness…

You are LOCKED…

The power of My voice penetrates deep into your mind. Every breath punctuates another “DROP”!

CONTROLLED, OWNED, MINDLESS, and sooooo Deep. What ever happens onward is not your choice…it
Is Mine.

A simple command…My words will make you obey completely….

This is no longer a choice, but a truth…

Obeying your Goddess Madame Jade

You are LOCKED…

**This Hyppn0tik MindFuck contains: Multi-layered sound tracks include three FemDomme tracks including
a subliminal message track, brain wash ing, mental domination, finger snap, ASMR whisper programming,
mesmerizing crystal, Spiral, subliminal hypn0t1c suggestions, seductive mind manipulation, My sexy erotic breasts,
lips, gloves, sparkling blue eyes,
and amazing voice.

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