Medical MindMelt Inc. - Brainwashing

Medical MindMelt Inc. - Brainwashing

Medical MindMelt Inc. - Brainwashing

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris

You saw an advertisement for brainwashing sessions. You finally have the courage to contact MindMelt Inc to schedule your appointment. You will meet with trancetic nurse Jade (a certified therapist) for a light brainwashing session to polish up positive thoughts.

You are seeking just a slight adjustment of who you are, but you get much more than you ever thought possible. It will seem like simple conversation, harmless, easy and relaxing, but below the surface, your mind will be wiped clean, programmed, infused with erotic cravings, post trance suggestions and triggers planted deep within your subcortex.

ONLY your subconscious mind can process these subliminal messages. They program you to become mindless and obedient, just the way I like you.

So tell Me….now that you have answered the questionnaire, are you ready to sign the informed consent form? The form that turns your mind over to Me.

As your nurse, I am allowed to touch you.

You seem like a special case and we have given you plenty of time to turn back…but, you’ve decided that you will go through with it, whatever they say, whatever they decide to do to you. Nurse Jade meets with you personally and has a little conversation with you about your form and then you follow Her down the MindMelt corridor.

At one quick point you may hear medical instruments, a strange little tune, and white noise. But don’t give it a thought, its simply part of the program and is a sound that is needed in order to embed a certain intense suggestion.

There is a destination, an end to the corridor, but you won’t see it. You have no care about what you have left behind, all your past thoughts and mannerisms.

You have been brainwashed, reprogrammed and you are now Mine.

You may now wake and leave the office, and you will take with you a prescription for all of My MindMelting audio sessions….until your next appointment.

**This Hyppnotic masterpiece contains: Multi-layered sound tracks including intoxicating subliminal messages, word modulation, ASMR programming, mesmerizing spiral and pocket watch induction, rhythmic brainwave entrainment, post hyppnotic suggestion & trigger, seductive mind manipulation with subliminal mind fractionation, countdown, snaps, light sound textures and a quick area of confusing white musical noise. ENJOY your session.

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