Mind Games

Mind Games

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 34 minutes

My sweet, by now you are aware that My powerful brainwashing has left your submissive mind very open and suggestible to all My wishes and commands. What you may not have realized is that I've been secretly taking up permanent residence in your mind. It's been a progressive covert process using a subconscious suggestion here and a post-trancetic trigger there, but slowly and relentlessly My irresistible essence has moved into your mind, taking full ownership as befits a Dominant of My stature.

In this session I will explain through trance how this has come to pass, divulging just how much I have infiltrated every aspect of your life. As you listen and consider My sweet seductive words, you'll rationally accept deep down this is all true. This is why you trust Me and why everything I say is the TRUTH to you.

I know it's a little wicked and devious, but really it is for your own good, My baby. I mean, you can't expect a Domina to allow you to roam freely untrained and unsupervised, that simply would not do. ~Giggles~

My pet: Training you, subjugating you, to the point I'm taking full control of your life! you have not perceived this consciously, I've made sure of that, but secretly through surveillance, scrutinizing your actions and direct influence of your thoughts and decisions I've claimed you as My property, My submissive servant, My slave.

This is why you're always thinking about Me and why you have this incessant compulsion to listen to My sessions just to appease some indefinable craving. Surrender to the pleasure of your submission and allow Me to demonstrate how far I am willing to go to perfect you...

A perfect COVERT trancetic Mind Control.

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