MindCage - Total Chastity Obedience

MindCage - Total Chastity Obedience

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
MindCage - Total Chastity Obedience

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I have turned you into my complete fucktoy slut, and now I must pull back on the reigns and put
you to the test.

You need an Owner to put you in your place. You will follow My commands.

This file will put you in chastity. I will start with an induction that will get you relaxed, and then I
will drop you into a deep, mindless and obedient state.

Once you go under, your subconscious will be there for Me to play with!

I will attach a powerful and permanent MINDCAGE around your subconscious mind, and it will prevent you
from touching your cock.

It will be impossible to have an orgasm…even under “hip”. This MindCage will be active in your mind for
30 days.

After 30 days, I will allow you to touch and have an orgasm….it will be the most amazing you have ever had.

However, after this amazing “O”… the cage will snap shut and be active again for another 30 days.

This MINDCAGE will also make you very addicted to My voice. You will have a strong need to watch my videos everyday, including this one
for training.

I control your cock…you would rather obey Me, than cum.

You will crave to have all of My clips and recordings, and any you don’t have, you will be compelled to purchase.

While under “Hip” you will not touch your cock, even if one of My files tells you to stroke and cum.

To you… Stroke and Cum now means LIMP and LOOSE…your cock will not respond to any suggestions to stroke and cum.

THIS MINDCAGE is active 24/7 and you will NOT touch or cum for 30 days.

This mindcage is permanent and can only be removed by Me…On the day you are allowed to cum, you will first reach out to Me
with gratitude.

If you need a break from the mind cage, you will have to request another file that will remove the cage.

Submission, chastity, triggers, subliminals, your complete submission.

Enjoy the next 30 days….pet

**This Hyppn0tik CHASTITY MindMelt contains: Multi-layered sound tracks (5 voice & Binaural) including subliminal messages, a TRIGGER, brainwashing, mental domination,
and complete chastity control, ASMR whisper programming, mesmerizing hazy spiral, countdown, crystal, rhythmic brainwave entrainment, subliminal hi p n0t1c suggestions,
seductive mind manipulation, My sexy erotic breasts, lips, gloves, and corset, light sound textures. EXTREME FEMDOM CONTROL, true Hip, complete denial .

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