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A femdom erotic trance by Queen of Dreams
Length: 29 minutes 44 seconds

Come with me and explore a journey designed to expand the limits of your pleasure, surrender and submission.

An intense mind-fuck of an experience, this recording will lead you into deep trance and deeper pleasure…exploring all the facets of pleasure and arousal that exist and opening your mind and body to new possibilities and experiences.

I will guide and command you to a mental climax the likes of which you have never experienced…an explosion of exquisite and unstoppable pleasure. By the time I ask this of you, you will be so deeply under my control you will be helpless to resist and eager to obey. Riding wave after wave of pleasure for me as you sink deeper into submission for me.

Are you ready to discover the depths of pleasure and surrender you’re capable of?
Categories: Erotic MP3, New MP3, Submission Tags: erotic, trance, trance, intense, mindfuck, pleasure, submission, surrender, trance

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Best ever.