Mindless & Obedient -Complete Submission

Mindless & Obedient -Complete Submission

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
This file will make you mindless, obedient, and more addicted to My voice. I will free your mind of all distractions and drop you deep into that feeling of wonderful trance Where you do nothing but obey…

Let your mind fade away as I take control …. Free of the world and ready to follow each of My commands…

You can feel your breathing slowing down as your mind becomes foggy and then empty… Your head will be truly relaxed and you will drop…and become mindless, just the way I want you..

I will countdown and bring you deeper… Sitting lower than Me…as you look up to Me…realizing you are automatically the submissive one…

You feel so submissive being near Me…it’s intoxicating…

Mind melts, body becomes aroused by your submission …

And an assignment to reinforce our bond…

**This Hyppn0tik Masterpiece contains: Multi-layered sound tracks including intoxicating subliminal messages, count down with finger snap, ASMR whisper programming, mesmerizing hazy spiral, crystal, triggers, rhythmic brainwave entrainment, subliminal hypn0t1c suggestions, binaural sexual arousal beat, seductive mind manipulation, My sexy erotic breasts, lips, nails, and corset, light sound textures. EXTREME arousal, feels so good.

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