Mindless Bimbo SlutSlave Programming

Mindless Bimbo SlutSlave Programming

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
Mindless Bimbo SlutSlave Programming. (not a sissy file, unless you want it to be )

Hello pet…
Prepare to go down deep and become My mindless, air headed BIMBO slut.

I will clear your mind and it will melt…you will show your Goddess some obedience
and worship…whatever I want.

Becoming My bimbo slut will feel so good…Now follow My words as I make you

“Empty and Obedient”

Not a thought in your head, just following My Superior Goddess voice, free of the world
and ready to follow each of My commands…

Putting you into a bimbo state, you will crave hedonistic desires….sex, delicious food, pleasing Goddess,
… all things pleasurable.

Breath pet… going deeper as My voice guides you…as you edge and remember how the
Words Empty and Obedient are bound to you by Me.

Touching, edging, denial, pleasurable feelings…ignorance is bliss…as you
go closer and closer to the edge….stop

No thoughts, the emptiness, the bimbo slut desires, complete mind melt
Living only for the pleasures of live….

Bimbo…you are not allowed to orgasm… you need a command to orgasm

You are a mindless, empty headed, pleasure seeking Bimbo…and the closer you
Get to orgasm, the more you need My command to cum…

Easy pleasures, thoughts and feelings….easy mindless everything…

Say it pet: “I am a bimbo”

The only cure is that release…


Madame Jade

**This Hyppn0tik file contains: Exotic Sound Textures, Multi-layered sound tracks including in tox icating subliminal messages for DEEP programming, mesmerizing rhythmic brainwave entrainment, arousal and denial, subliminal hypn0t1c suggestions,seductive mind manipulation,femdom programming feels so good.

(This is pure mind melt, brainwash, slave programming, mind numbing, femdom)

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