Neural Reorientation

Neural Reorientation

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

This BRAINWASHING package includes a very SEXY 3 day Assignment, picture surprises and a 14 Minute BRAINWASHING LOOP PROGRAM-Neural Reorientation. A perfect loop session for anytime and anywhere. Take Me with you to work or play. you will LOVE My voice inside your mind as My words DOMINATE your thoughts and BRAINWASH you into an even deeper SUBMISSION (This session is NOT a trance session. It is BRAINWASHING. Although if you are conditioned by My voice you may find yourself in a tranceTIC trance. So do not listen while driving or operating equipment).

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If you want to indoctrinate yourself to relinquish more self control to Domina Shelle this is the session for you. Although this is a brainwashing loop file with no trancetic induction as such, if you a frequent listener to Domina Shelle like me, you will be lulled into trance by Her magical soothing voice. The file has multiple tracks playing concurrently so depending how you play it the effects may vary. If you play it quietly with headphones or generally in the background, you will consciously forget the track is playing but subconsciously accept the repetitive programming. If you listen to the session louder with greater focus you will be more aware of the alternating phrases in your ears and the barely perceptible subliminals that i was unable to decipher consciously. i typically preferred the latter approach and found the loop file quickly subdued my mental processes and i would drift into trance because i am conditioned to listen and relax whenever i hear the voice of Domina Shelle. After that it is a blissful experience of knowing Domina is strengthening Her hold on me as the submissive me happily relinquishes all control to Her words. This is a wonderful efficient session to own because it can be used in so many ways including as a relaxation aid prior to listening to a longer, more potent, session by Domina Shelle, If your serious about giving in more to this amazing woman i urged you to listen to the session frequently because repetition truly is the law of trance.