Obedient Toy - Mind Mantra

Obedient Toy - Mind Mantra

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris

"Deep Surrender" : I know exaclty how the subconscious mind works and I will take you deep with My tempting words… Your subconscious will pick up all of My hidden desires for you… You will go under without even noticing. It is important to breath deep and exhale fully. You will become aroused and believe everything I say is the truth. No thinking, no control…just surrender. You feel what I say you feel and you experience what I say you will…for I control you and it feel so amazing to just let it all go.v

"MindPlay Matrix": I program you to be My mesmerized sex toy. As the zeros and ones invade your body and psyche, you experience the most incredible, erotic free floating pleasure. As you fly high within the MATRIX, I program and mind melt you to go DEEPER than you have ever gone before. My breasts, eyes, and poetic commands enrapture your mind, body and soul as My ASMR suggestions reprogram your subconscious mind like never before. You are free from the limitations of earth. What happens to your body while we voyage, will be in My hands.

"Cyber Star": Erotically aroused, you submit and accept My words as complete TRUTH. Since you are mindless….you need someone to think for you… My words are ultimately designed to create your lasting devotion And submission to Me…to enslave you..to alter your personality to be attracted to Me Personally.


Naturally melting….you will call me GODDESS every chance you get….it’s like virtual ecstasy. I used powerful, unconventional techniques that will change you…Mental bonds wrapping around you. I’m in your mind, directing you…and I command you to slide your hand down and touch yourself… My words override your past….who you were is now gone…and who you are is now newly created by MY DESIRES.

Prepare to go deep and become thoroughly aroused to multiple orgasms....


Madame Jade

**This Mesmerizing file contains: Intense Mindfucking, Mind programming and mental dominance. Multi-layered sound tracks including subliminal messages both spoken and visual, word modulation, ASMR programming, mesmerizing spiral and pocket watch induction, rhythmic mind wave entrainment, post mesmerizing suggestions & triggers, seductive mind manipulation, countdown, snaps, light sound textures and obedience subliminals.


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