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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 33 minutes

Welcome, My sweet submissive servant, to a new phase in your mental reprogramming. I want to deconstruct your inner sense of self, whenever you think of Me, and further the notion that you are merely an owned object, My property, to do with as I wish, whenever I wish it.

Being Objectified is a powerful symbol to the submissive psyche promoting that it is utterly subservient to the wishes of the Dominant, no matter the request. With proper hypnotic reinforcement this method of coercive brainwashing can enslave any mind into blind unquestioning obedience, just how I like My good boys and gurls. (giggles)

Now I imagine you are getting quite HORNY imagining such a fantasy, an intimate private encounter with your Domina where I trigger your conditioning and commence to treat you like any other object I own, something to play with, to simplify My daily needs, and perform functions that complement My decadent whims. Be assured I have no intent of turning you into a simple robot in this session, My motivations are much more playful than that. I want you to retain some of your human qualities, especially those PHYSICAL characteristics I like to see in My good, AROUSED, submissive pets. (giggles)

Mentally, however, you will be oblivious to everything but Me, no decision making or choices to make, only obedience to whatever I assign you to do while in My service. Being objectified is the ultimate embodiment of selflessness, your existence focused entirely on making My life easier, your own desires a long forgotten memory.

But, don't fret, My sweet, I treat all My possessions with the proper care and attention they deserve, I have invested far too much time in your training to view you as a disposable asset. Although, I WILL break your mind, and make you MINE, you'll be a happy devoted slave intent on improving My life, and in the process I will enrich yours with passion and purpose... (Kisses)

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Customer Reviews

Shelles Slave Bubbles

I love when Domina creates these wonderfully addicting and incredibly arousing files that I just absolutely cannot remember consciously... but somehow I know my subconscious know EXACTLY what happened... This file is VERY addicting and VERY arousing... All I remember is that I am Domina Shelles slave and owned property... Mmmm.. and SOOO very much arousal...

Shelles Slave Bubbles

Domina Shelle told me over 10 years ago that once She had found me She would never let me go, not those exact words, but a message She has repeated over and over. Now i find myself so deep in Her thrall that a session like this leave no memories, only feelings of love, submission and a desperate need to serve and obey at Her feet, Her incredibly Gorgeous and Sexy feet. my life is perfect because Domina Shelle Rivers, erotic hypnotic Mistress owns me. Domina Shelle Rivers is a true hypnotic Mistress, able to break the strongest mind in a tempest of Sensual, Sexual Seduction. If you have come this far your fate is already sealed, if you have listened to Her voice She already owns you, stop fighting it, give in to your fate and let the bliss of serving this Goddess define your very being.