Paying for Pleasure MP3 - Sensual + Erotic Entrapment

Paying for Pleasure MP3 - Sensual + Erotic Entrapment

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A femdom erotic trance by Angel Au Lait
Try the sample. Genuinely, you can't even help yourself. Nothing turns you on more than surrendering your hard-earned cash to a sexy, skilled, mindblowingly hot goddess. You don't even watch porno anymore because it doesn't get you as hard as when you hit send. Truthfully, I think there's nothing wrong with this .. but, I do see that you are extremely weak, especially when horny. Taking advantage of you is easy, so why don't I just guide you and use you. You have a lot of potential, I can tell ... all you have to do is stroke and listen. It's easy, isn't it? Delve deeper into your fantasies with me. It's not dangerous .. or frightening. It's pleasure. In the only form you can get it. This file includes sensual domination, light humiliation, neuro-linguistic programming, brainwash qualities, some droning sound effects to enhance depth of pleasure, femdom, masturbation encouragement, findom + financial domination, and slave training for complete ownership. Good luck! (10 minutes)

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