Perfect Patient Slave Programming Instit

Perfect Patient Slave Programming Instit

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
(Two simultaneous tracks)

Part of you is intrigued while the other part is starting to get a little concerned… this place does seem very far from your normal everyday life.

(Listen to your Goddess, it is almost a comfort not having to think and …)

So, optimistically you proceed to go with the orderly … The corridors seem welcoming as the music guides you further and further though the facility.

Eventually you are led into a room with a comfy chair and it is set up in front of a screen! (Breath deep throughout, pet)

You sit down and before you know what happened, a nurse (ME) injects you with something unknown. The world fades around you as you become very calm… falling deeper and deeper…into that state where you justlet go for Me.

You try to get up but can’t … you have been drugged.

When you awaken, you are wearing different clothes and a straight jacket….and you realize you are strapped down…

(This is pure mind melt, brainwash, slave programming, mind numbing, femdom, psychodrama.)

The chair is warm and you feel a massage… this is a very strange place, but you can’t move. THE SCREEN FLICKERS INTO ACTION….as you see words flash fast before you… OBEY, SUBMIT, WORSHIP… programming you as you drop to an even deeper more relaxed, mind numbing state.

“Don’t worry, says the NURSE, this is all part of the program.

DROP…into SUBSPACE.. (finger snap) you are powerless, resistance is futile.

**Thats all the details you need My Pet… buy it, you will love it.**


Madame Jade - your hipn0tik Goddess


**This Hyppn0tik Masterpiece contains: CUSTOM made SPIRALS, INCLUDES and assignment (towards the end), Multi-layered sound tracks including intoxicating subliminal messages for DEEP programming, mesmerizing hazy spiral, crystal, pocket watch, rhythmic brainwave entrainment, subliminal hypn0t1c suggestions, colorful visuals, seductive mind manipulation, My sexy erotic breasts, sparkling blue eyes, programming, feels so good.


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