Please Domina

Please Domina

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

EXPERIENCE: deep relaxation, trancetic immobility, thoughtlessness, recitation, devotion, tease and denial, dominance.

Are you ready to a play a game, My mindless little toy? It will be sooooo much fun, I promise! (~wink~)

you should know by now how much your Domina enjoys playing with your open and suggestible mind, as your Owner, I take significant pride in training you to be the very best obedient submissive servant you can be for Me - after all, I know what's best for you and I only give you what you really need...

To become My dedicated and devoted slave you must demonstrate that you truly comprehend what it takes to please and obey Me. To accomplish this I've devised a wonderful mesmerizing game for U/us to play to elucidate to your open suggestible subconscious mind why you obey Me without thought or question. To further incentive your cooperation, I've ensured the better you play My game the more you will please Me and, the more you please Me the more you will be stimulated by My game. (giggles)

Are you intrigued? you should be My encourageable horny toy because I know you crave to experience just how pervasive My absolute authority is over your submissive self, an unrelenting obsession that drives you to surrender more of yourself to Me every day. That's why in this erotic trance mp3 I am going to rewire My slave's brain to accept that obeying and pleasing Me is not a fleeting compulsion, it will be a permanent never ending state of mind.

Be aware, My pet, I always play for keeps and you'll quickly learn that there is nothing more important in your life than to Please Domina...

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Customer Reviews


I fell in love with this file on the first listening.
It is soooo arousing and relaxing at the same time as I lost all feeling in my body except one place!
Domina Shelle expertly seduce me into totally letting go by literally making me lose all control of my body to become weightless. She softly entered my mind making me dance to Her tune and I was by that time more than eager to let Her do it.
Oh it was heaven being so out of it and giving Her all my will.
She erotically seduced me and brought to the edge some 5 times which was shear bliss. I did not know if I was cuming or going!
5 stars does not do this file justice as its a 10 out of 10 form me.