Pleasure Trap

Pleasure Trap

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 41 minutes

Have I got a delicious and decadent treat for you, My pet. I've been working on a new sexy technique to relieve stress, allowing you to focus more fully on the things that matter to you. It's a special "pleasure" therapy for times when you need to unburden yourself from the trials and tribulations of your daily life, enabling you to elevate yourself above it all and experience a simpler, purer, existence, one dedicated and focused on Me, of course! (giggles) So come on in and take a seat on My white leather couch.

Being hypnotized by your adorable Domina is always a seductive and arousing experience, My sweet eloquent whispered words reaching deep into your mind opening you up to all My wonderfully wicked suggestions. I own the keys to your mind and in this session you will demonstrate to yourself how true this statement is as you fully submit and accept that I have the power to do anything I want with you.

Hmmmm, one of the TRUE pleasures of being a Dominant is to exercise and assert My authority over another, observing, first hand, My will becoming your reality, My TRUTHS becoming your desires! As a submissive you crave whatever I want because obedience is your pleasure, as intoxicating as it is compulsive. But, BE WARNED, My pet, My conditioning is more than just compulsive, it's extremely addictive, more potent than any narcotic, an erotic hypnotic craving that can never be suppressed. Once you're under My influence I WILL reprogram you to identify Me as the center your universe, everything revolving around My wants and My needs, a REAL Domme/sub relationship.

Remember, while you still can (giggles), that I do not make idle claims because the power of My TRUTH should always be respected. So, when I tell you this mp3 session is devious, it's pervasive, and designed to elicit a rapturous pleasure, a Pleasure Trap that will enslave you to My will, you need to understand the TRUTH of what I say and that you will LOVE EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF YOUR SUBMISSION TO ME! That's why W/we are here, for Me to demonstrate the power of My will and, for you to accept the weakness of yours.

So, get naked, lie back, and allow Me to alleviate your stresses and anxieties in a way only a true submissive, like you, can truly appreciate...

INCLUDES: Erotic Hypnosis, Edging, Tease, Denial, Mind Control, Brainwashing, Post Hypnotic Suggestion

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