Poison Ivy Mindmelting Pheromones

Poison Ivy Mindmelting Pheromones

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A femdom erotic trance by Angel Au Lait
Oh.. My.. God.. what is that delicious aroma?

Oh.. that's right.. it's me.

Hello there.. I'm Ivy. You've probably seen me around. I don't think there's anybody who doesn't know about me by now.. What most people don't know is just what I can do! You see, you're not struggling.. you're here and you're mine and you have no idea what is going on but don't you just feel so safe? That's why nobody tells! Nobody ever -really- wants to get away from me.. not once they've caught my scent.

Take a deeeeeep breath and everything will be okay. There you go. I see the way you're looking at me.. I can tell what you want.. I'd know that look even if I couldn't see how hard you are.

Don't worry.. It's to be expected, now that you live to serve me and all.

That's right. You already feel it don't you? You already know it. You already ache to serve me.. your Di-'vine' Mistress. Take a nice long sniff here.. that's good.. take me in.. fill yourself with my essence. I can see how badly you want me. I can feel your eyes on me. You -need- more.. you crave me. You'll never have enough. Everything you ever do will be to serve Ivy. From now on you..are..mine.

You're too weak to resist, even if you wanted to.. Isn't that just the best part of it all? How easy and blissful it is to grant my every wish?

You're positively burning with need to fulfill my every desire.

Breathe me in..

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