Poison Ivy Needs Precum - EDGE DONT CUM!

Poison Ivy Needs Precum - EDGE DONT CUM!

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A femdom erotic trance by Angel Au Lait
Hello there! Thank you -so- much for volunteering for this. Don't mind the vines.. they're just here to make sure you don't have any second thoughts. Standard practice for something like this, I hope you'll understand. Comfy?

You were selected from a very specific group of candidates. I'm sure by now you know there is something special about you. I've been doing tests for what seems like eternity on the men around here and let me tell you.. it's not exactly green pastures. But then I found you.. I knew right away you had what I needed.. I need you to stroke your cock for me.

I need you to stroke and stroke.. and stroke.. I need all of the precum you can give me.. but if you cum.. well.. Do you feel those vines tightening? What if I slide one up your leg? What if I tighten them just a little more? I think you're starting to understand... Now what if I slide it up here just a little further.. and wrap it around your balls?

I'm sorry but I just can't rely on your willpower alone.. maybe eventually.. but for now any time I feel you're getting close I'm afraid I'll have to have these lovely ladies give you a little squeeze. I don't think you could wrap your brain around the science of the -why- I need your precum and not your cum but is that really important right now? You get to help all of mankind and stroke your cock for a beautiful woman at the same time.

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