Proprietress of Domination

Proprietress of Domination

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 75 minutes

My adoring subjugated slave, My pet, I'm so happy to see you here again craving to receive more trancetic instruction to further your insatiable desire to be My devoted obedient servant. As the Mistress of your Mind it is incumbent on Me to teach you your role as My submissive slave and, most importantly, how you conduct yourself at all times in O/our intimate Domme/sub relationship.

your subservience to Me extends far beyond the realm of fantasy, it is very much a part of your everyday reality now. This is true because subconsciously you accept one key concept about O/our special relationship, the important notion of ownership and governance. Whenever I refer to you using one of your affectionate pet names - "My" slave, "My" servant, "My" puppy, "My" good-boy/gurl, or, simply just, "My" pet - it reinforces the belief that you are bound and dependent on Me in ways your conscious mind may deny. However, your suggestible subconscious mind is extremely receptive to this idea, openly embracing that this is more than just a symbolic truth it is an absolute fact, beyond discussion or debate.

Hmmm, I know just reading those words triggers an erotic rush of submissive pleasure, the Dopamine coursing through your brain as your conscious mind desperately tries to deny the irrefutable truth - you are "My" owned property. Whether it is wearing "My" collar, stroking "My" c*ck, rubbing "My" cl*t, or serving at "My" whim, I'm undeniably at the center of all your erotic and sexual pleasures. But as compelling and addictive though as this may be, the power of ownership runs even deeper, My slave, and for you it is an overwhelming belief that you belong to another, supported by that compulsive craving to please and support your Owner.

My pet, as you focus on these emotive words, feel that powerful primal desire to serve your Domina. This is your true submissive self and this obsessive need is as fundamental as breathing and sleeping to you. In this session I will help you harness and nurture this erotic energy to teach your inner slave the pleasure of submitting and obeying Me, Domina Shelle, the Proprietress of your subconscious mind. With My help you will learn I am not only the center of your submissive existence, but I am also the focal point for all your subservient and submissive needs. Only through your submission to Me will you experience the immense bliss and euphoria of being truly owned and adored.

But before you get too carried away with what awaits you in this most captivating of sessions, remember that like all GOOD pets you need to EARN your reward!!! So NO touching or humping without My permission and if you want to relieve that aching throbbing you'd better listen to this session as soon as possible since I only give out TREATS to those pets who devote themselves to their training and demonstrate a sincere willingness to please Me. (Giggles)

Now be a good pet and go fetch the session, go now, and ensure you obey all My commands!

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This is a long session but it is very powerful and compelling. If you are aroused by the thought of not only being trancetically subjugated into submission but then surrendering your own free will to a powerful trance-domme, the incomparable Domina Shelle, this is the session for you! Domina Shelle uses your desire to submit as means to get your subconscious mind to surrender to Her authority and with this She works to quite your conscious mind until it is oblivious to the deep trancetic programming that is occurring. This is an erotically charged roller-coaster of a session and one for those that like to surrender everything in trancetic trance. It will test your ability to trust Domina Shelle and your desire to surrender to Her but, if you can, you will be amply rewarded.