Reprogrammed 3

Reprogrammed 3

Reprogrammed 3

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Leslie

It’s time to activate your sub conscience mind in a way you have never experienced. I take your interest in mind control and trance and use it to dig My hooks deep into your mind. If you believe the fairytale that you can’t be controlled or made to do anything without your consent during trance you will soon find out this is just that a story you have been told. Today everything you learned in the past from society is on its way out and you are left with just one thing, Me, and being Mine. I activate your mind, you drop into deep trance, while your sleeper agent is awake and now you are totally ready to listen and obey everything I tell you. 

During this super intense reprogramming session I use expert mind control and brainwashing methods to put you into a dazed and confused trance, while I covertly use a conversational style persuasion and 2 other very lightly audible tracks that impact but don’t overwhelm the main track but awaken your brain for My continued training and implantation of your new programming. This really is true mind control and so it does not have a classic induction but a covert, and confusion that will defiantly drop you into deep trance. It also has lots of NLP, finger snaps, ASMR, sleep triggers, and much more. It’s a seriously real brain washing so be prepared to have it change who you are with continued listening. 

This is a stand alone file, while still very much a series each file in this series can work by itself but I urge you to check out the other files that go with this series. Length: 29 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes, beautifully and skillfully used with purpose, soft multiple layers of mind fucking voice noise, but never so intense you can’t enjoy the main track 

Music: no but highly effective silent to the ear brain waves added

Overdubbing vocals: yes and deep subliminals added

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