Sexual Psychosis 2

Sexual Psychosis 2

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 53 minutes

Have I got a sensuous treat for you, My pet, an intimate and erotic encounter with Your Domina that will leave you blissfully spent as I take full control of your mind, or should I say My mind...

Come closer, My darling, let's snuggle as you lay next to My warm alluring body. Ohhh, I know that feels good, My tender embrace melting your troubles away as you quickly relax, surrendering effortlessly to the soothing cadence of My voice.

But, I need you to go nice and deep for Me in the session, so why not rest your weary head right here between My naked breasts, Mmm that feels good doesn't it? I know you love the way My skin feels against your cheek, My fingers playing with your hair, My shiny red nails smooth against your skin, a sensual avalanche designed to distract you from that fact I'm lulling you deep into My world of submission where I can Steal your Mind.

It's so easy to take you into My world when W/e are this close, every caress taking you deeper as you fall helplessly for Me. Like a seductive Siren's call, My sweet whispered words leave you powerless as I take full control of your deeply trancetized mind, priming it for more of My delicious and devious programming. (giggles)

Listen and lust as I morph another trance-fetish into a Sexual Psychosis, where I ravish your reality into a world of erotic bliss. Trust Me as you lose yourself in the moment, a sensual embrace you will never forget, and embrace the truth that you will always be Mine. LISTEN NOW!

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Customer Reviews

Shelles Slave Bubbels

I can still feel Dominas sexy red nails scratching the deep seeded itch deep in the depths of my mind that only her enrapturing voice can satisfy... This time spent with Domina was extremely vivid and felt absolutely fantastic... So warm and cozy snuggling right next to the most powerful and sexy Princess on the planet... *heart* Domina Shelle broke my mind again and locked me in her sexual psychosis forever... Domina Shelle owns me completely and she LOVES to dominate me in every conceivable way... Mmmm Oh and do I LOVE her complete Domination over my existence.... Domina makes me Soo incredibly happy and horny! I love you Domina Shelle!

Shelles Slave Bubbels