Sexy CEO mindfucks you..

Sexy CEO mindfucks you..

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A femdom erotic trance by Goddess Amber Mae
*Custom* - You own your own company, and one of your business associates brought you into contact with Me. I'm a very successful business Woman, with a rapid growing company - you are excited to strike a deal with Me as it seems like the perfect opportunity! You come over to My office and find Me dressed in a low-cut top. You just can't resist looking at My cleavage.. I quickly notice that you are distracted and weakened by My breasts, and decide to take advantage of it. I slowly start to mind fuck you with My deep blue eyes, soothing voice (including voice-layovers) and irresistible cleavage. You know you shouldn't fall for it, but it's too late. Rapidly I bring you under My spell and turn you into a mindless puppet for Me..

I hand over your contracts and you sign it without reading. You trust Me. You have no other choice.. You don't know what you're doing. I then explain My business model to you.. I lure in wealthy CEO's and have them sign over their companies to Me. On top of that I turn them into My 'employees' / slaves. That's right.. Your company is Mine now, and on top of that you are My little worker bee now. You don't get paid, you don't get health benefits, BUT I do have a special bonus program.. Every time you bring Me another wealthy CEO and W/we make a 'sale', you get to come into My office and stroke for Me..

You are SO turned on by My devious scheme, so I command you to stroke for Me while I tease you with My hot, big boobs. It's irresistible and before you know it you cum for Me! I demand you lick up your cum and inform you that I video-taped your stroking and cum eating. With this footage it will be very easy for Me to fire you once you displease Me.. After all, this tape can ruin your life.. Now get to work!

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