Sheer Danger

Sheer Danger

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 30 minutes

When you close your eyes at night and go to sleep and you have dreams and fantasies of your Domina, are they pleasurably hazy, sort of fuzzy visions you see of Me? How about something very clear, focused, vivid, LIVE? Something you can touch and feel? Something you can see, smell and even taste? All 5 senses engaged and excited in this sheer sexual fantasy, right there next to you. Come and experience My SHEER DANGER. But be careful what you wish for. I’ll be planting an IDEA/ fetish in your mind to grow and stay, possibly as an irresistible addiction... mmmm. I like that.

3D effects will have you engorged... So exciting and real. Enticed into danger... Helpless, and at My complete disposal. your mind PUMPED with My subliminal messages. your body overtaken with SHEER arousal. The more your arousal, the larger the danger, the tighter your Bondage. When your newly calibrated body awakens from this sexual frenzy, you will be so reinvigorated and eager to continue as My lab rat in the Experiment. Mind and body now under your Domina’s complete control. Everything you do, you do for Me.

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trancetic bondage is an irresistible allure to many trance-fetishists and in Sheer Domina Shelle takes the experience to a whole new level of eroticism and submission. The sensation of being mentally and physically incapacitated by a powerful dominant Woman, who is total control, is extremely intoxicating from a Femdom perspective. But, with great skill, Domina Shelle takes this much further leaving you longing to be enslaved, to be Hers forever, dependent on Her for all your submissive needs and desires. This is both an emotive and erotic session because although you are lost in the moment you also sold on the future, a future of your desire to be Her slave, free to serve Her every need and nurture the real (submissive) you to be a devoted servant.

Shelles Slave Bubbles

You can hear her getting closer...
That sound never really goes away...
She's already in your head...
She wants to keep it...
There's no escape...
Fear, danger, ecstasy all mix together forming an experience that she'll never let you forget...
Are you horny and brave enough to succumb to Domina Shelles Sheer Danger?
Cum and find out...

Shelles Slave Bubbles

Domina Shelle is just Pure Perfection and i don't say this lightly as ive been into erotic trance for many years searching for the real experience.
If you have a thing with trance and being seduced into slavery by a Powerful Woman wearing sheer black stockings then you are Hers.
Skilfully She will seduce you to follow Her down using silky resistance melting words and the most erotic sound of sheer stockings rubbing together in the background.
She not only wrapped these stockings around you but also your mind pulling you in to Her web.
This file is so skilfully created and mastered it is a real powerful gem and will stay in my collection for many years to come.
A collection which is growing thanks to Domina Shelle.
An Absolute must!