Sissy Maid

Sissy Maid

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 39 minutes

It's time to get all dressed up for your Domina. I love everything spic-n-span...Oh, and you know how much fun it is to get into that sexy sissy maid uniform and be a good gurl, you always get wet, don't you? ~~~GIGGLES~~~  Ohhh, and I have a secret way of keeping you busy...washing and wiping...and on your knees. My secret will fill you with desires to be My perfect sissy....Plugged and horny...I love it when your panties are nice and wet for Me.

Such a sexy approach for a perfect MINDSET.

So get on your knees and click and begin your sissy maid trance training for your Domina NOW.


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i must first confess i am not a sissy by instinct and listened to this session because Domina Shelle requested my honest assessment (as i always try to provide when writing reviews for others). Sissification sessions can cover a very broad range of topics from simple cross-dressing and feminisation to full on dehumunization and degradation whilst feminised. i'm relieved to report this session falls more in the former than the latter, promoting the many virtues of surrendering to ones feminine impulses and enjoying the sensations and emotions of being apart from the often stressful and encumbered male mindset. For me it felt like a form of liberation and escapism and from their Domina weaves the class maid fantasy of wanting desperately to clean your living space in a sexy maids attire. The whole process is actually very erotic and just goes to show how well scripted trance can convince a suggestible mind to perceive the world. Towards the end of the session it gets a little more hardcore and promotes the notion of submitting to Domina Shelle and her strap-on but for most submissives that is a notion that is not limited to sissification.

So overall this was an enjoyable session and one I would definitely recommend for those of you interested in trying feminisation trance and like the idea of being dominated by a powerful trance-domme.