Sissy Swirl MP3

Sissy Swirl MP3

Sissy Swirl MP3

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A femdom erotic trance by Angel Au Lait

[35 minutes] This is the audio file from the sissification superloop video of the same name "Sissy Swirl". You feel so much better when your thoughts are all jumbled up, swirling around in your head. A slutty pink haze makes you feel at ease and it makes your little clitty tingle. You can't think of anything other than cocks ... cocks ... cocks. Even reading the word turns you on. The thought of having one in your mouth, the thought of rejecting your manhood .. that's the real you. The true you, sissy. Goddess Angel is here to help you become who you really are. There's no more fighting it. One thought of a hot, thick alpha cock makes you want to get on your knees and makes you want to switch out everything you have for panties, sissy thoughts, pursed lips, and cum. Why not dive in head first, girl? I'll even help you reduce the size of your own dick so we can turn it into a wimpy little clitty, perfect to tuck inside a pair of pink silk panties.

This file includes the following:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • My Own Personal Superloop Method for Intensity 
  • Decreasing Manhood
  • Increasing Sissy Cocksucker Thoughts
  • Encouraged Feminization + Sissification 
  • Cum Countdown, Tailored to Clitties
  • Masturbation Encouragement 
  • Cock and Balls Worship + Infatuation
  • Forced Bi - Forced Gay Tones
  • Tons of Sissy SFX (Moans, Giggles, Licking, Gagging)
  • Optional Cum Eating Instruction

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