Slutty doggy Bitch

Slutty doggy Bitch

Slutty doggy Bitch

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Slutty doggy Bitch, Sample
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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Poison Ivy

You are going to experience a total change, something totally different! Something that you may have never thought about before. 

I am going to change your mind and body into that of a dog, not just any dog but a giant girly, curly poodle.

Classy, beautiful and elegant on the outside,  yet on the inside you are going to become that dirty slutty whore bitch, that you have always wanted to be!

I will wash you and dry you with your hairdryer, to make you all fluffy, pretty and irresistible to any male. You will have your own beautiful pink diamond studded collar, to show off to all.
Your body will be totally transformed into this beautiful girly slutty bitch in heat.

When under my spell, you can put yourself in any scenario that you wish.

When you return to your human form, you will groom yourself, wear slutty but classy clothing and beautiful make up, to attract every males attention. You will beam with confidence and pride, to let all males know that you are a slutty, whore bitch.

46:26 min, brainwaves, sissy trance, feminization, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.

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