Steal your Mind

Steal your Mind

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 50 minutes

My puppy, imagine what it would be like if I took complete control of all of you, trancetized and dominated, compelled to obey all of My suggestions without thought or question. Would that be the ultimate form of submission, your enslaved mind kidnapped and indoctrinated until My words become your only truths?

Yes, I know you've fantasized about this. The merest thought of being totally MINE leaves you HARD and HORNY because - deep down - you know I have the power to make this a reality, to Steal your Mind and usurp your will leaving a devoted thrall to do My bidding. The prospect of seeing you like this, so vulnerable and compliant, makes Me hot and wet too, My own personal toy to mold and play with as I wish. (hmmmmm)

The truth is I'm so irresistible to your eager obedient mind that you desperately crave to fall for Me. My words become your words, My thoughts become your thoughts, and this all triggered by My sweet seductive voice, a sexy addiction that compels you to surrender more of yourself to My Absolute Authority. Thanks to repetitive brainwashing I am the personification of your erotic yearning to submit, allowing Me, your Domina, to penetrate and f*ck your mind with impunity. (giggles)

It's true, My puppy, like a well trained pet, just hearing My voice, reading My words, or thinking of Me triggers a conditioned response, an overwhelming desire to obey and please Me. In this session, you'll learn just how literal this affirmation is and how susceptible you are to My trancetic allure. This is true submission, My pet, behavioral modification designed to bind you to Me forever since I ALWAYS play for keeps!

So prepare to be seduced, enthralled and overpowered. I know what's best for you so fall for Me and I'll take you so deep into trance you'll return as a devoted obedient servant, enslaved to My will.

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Shelles Slave Bubbels

Deeper than deep... Domina Shelle will steal your mind and take it soo incredibly deep into her world that you'll never again have the ability to even think about wanting it back... She owns it anyway after all... giggles... I don't think I've ever fallen that deep in my entire life... Right when I thought I couldn't fall any deeper, Domina took me down farther than I could even imagine... Mmm... and Every second was filled with complete and absolute bliss... ONLY Domina Shelle has this level of complete control and power over me... What an amazing start to the New Year! I LOVE Domina Shelle! ❤

Shelles Slave Bubbels