Sublimes Ivy- G-Force

Sublimes Ivy- G-Force

Sublimes Ivy- G-Force

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Poison Ivy

Be prepared to become Gay.

Your desires and attractions will be changed by my spell. You will no longer find women attractive. You will no longer look at them in the same way. You will now look at men with desire and passion.

You will become so aroused by the thought of a man´s hard, throbbing cock.

Nice music with sublime messages to deepen your desires.
There are no brainwaves, so you can listen without the risk of falling asleep.
Perfect to listen with headphones, driving your car, or in your office, and no one will know.

If you listen to the full session - G - Force - before, you can deepen them even more with the sublime music files.
6:33 min.

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