Subliminized - Final Focus

Subliminized - Final Focus

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 20 minutes

The FINAL session in the SUBLIMINIZED series. This session brings it all together. So POWERFUL, so well planned...It's honestly a MIND fucking experience. My sweet, there will be a TEST to follow subliminal messages really work...does your subconscious mind hear or see it all? Studies have PROVEN it. I will soon dissolve any doubts.

A trancetized mind is open and easy to manipulate...especially by ME, a POWERFUL trance-Domme.

So listen NOW...and SLEEP...and OBEY...

Are you feeling it...I mean even the Title has subliminal messages...They are hidden everywhere...giggles


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The enduring memory i have of this session is not the details of Domina's induction, likely seduction and conditioning but more the amazing quality and clarity of her voice and the audio effects that are prevalent throughout. Domina has conditioned me too well now that its very difficult to recall specifics in her sessions if she's actively suggests they be consciously forgotten and since my recollection is foggy i suspect that is what Domina did.

That said the feeling after breaking trance is one of overwhelming lust towards Domina and the distinct sense that Her control has reached even further into the submissive part of me. For this experience alone this session is a bargain and have a strong suspicion i will be compelled to listen to this session again just to taste Domina's growing control and dominance over me again.