Temptress - Magic Control

Temptress - Magic Control

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A femdom erotic trance by Goddess Amber Mae
You have heard about Me, many rumours go around about Me.. Men fear Me, and most of them aren't brave enough to come near. You.. Your curiosity was just too strong wasn't it? They say I can predict the future, make people see what their destiny is, their ultimate goal in life. My erotic magic has helped many men before you, and you need answers. Before you know it you start to feel different. A strange feeling of relaxation washes over you and you find the gaze of My deep blue eyes very mesmerising. It feels as if I'm looking straight through you, and know far more than the untrained eye.. Let it happen, it is too late to go back. I'm taking you on a trip, showing you what you need. I'll bring you happiness, I'll bring you pleasure, I'll bring you life. This sexy Temptress will reveal your future in a sensual sheer bra + whispers in 4 different languages..

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