Temptress of your Mind

Temptress of your Mind

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 43 minutes

With this tranceTIC Mp3, I will tell you, leave your fears behind....FOLLOW your trance-TEMPTRESS...TEMPTRESS OF YOUR MIND....YES, The TEMPTRESS of your OPEN and suggestible mind. your subconscious mind is MINE. SO FUCKING EROTIC to lose all control.

This is NOT your first ride, submissive cowboy. FALL and feel the effects of a deeper CONDITIONING TRANCE...I mean, IN trance, Out of trance, In trance and back to the beginning...lol...you know the technique...you are NOT new to MY VOICE or My sneaky tranceTIC ways. SOMETIMES even a slippery COVERT operation of Mine is OBLIVIOUS to your SLEEPY tranceTIZED mind ...I'm just saying, GIVE IN...NO DESCRIPTION. JUST DROP, FALL, SLEEP...and LISTEN, RELAX, SLEEP, FALL and well the rest is yet to be seen. BE AWARE!!!

*trance AMPED UP!!!!!

Be a BRAVE submissive ONE....and fall!

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This a resistance dissolver session with a twist!

This session has distinct overtures to the classic (and in my opinion cult) session "the Sleeping Forest" by Domina Shelle which showcases Her creative talents. i personally like how Domina frames the narrative in this session, of being lost in Her forest and understanding She is in total control of our experience.

This session was an apt reminder to my conscious resistance that it long ago lost the battle to protect me from the compulsive suggestions Domina slips into my subconscious every evening. It was also a reminder of how far i have come on this journey into true submission to a very special dominant, Domina Shelle.