The 3 Step Sissy Guide Full Version

The 3 Step Sissy Guide Full Version

The 3 Step Sissy Guide Full Version

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A femdom erotic trance by Goddess Lana
All 3 Steps Included in this File. This is the Full Version

Sissy Guide Step 1 Getting in the Mood for Dicks

Keep your clothes on and close your eyes. You can start being naughty in Step 2. Just listen to my words and you will soon feel the tingle. I have added some binary sexual tons and moaning to add to the experience. Oh and no touching yourself anywhere

The rest is words about Dicks repeated to get you in the mood for one. You are a sissy and this audio file is designed to bring all those kinky dick thoughts to the surface.

Sissy Guide Step 2 Rub and Tease No Release

Time to step it up a notch. Get naked and put some spit or lube between your legs. You need to feel like a wet street corner girl. They love being on the street all wet and ready

Now rub yourself as I direct you but do not squirt till step 3. If you start to get turned on just stop and start again so you dont squirt everywhere. If any pre cum cums out you can go ahead and gloss your lips with it.

The rest is words repeated just follow my JOI Instructions just DO NOT CUM till Step 3. Step 3 has a cum countdown and you get to graduate by eating your yummy cummies

Sissy Guide Step 3 Graduate and Squirt Eat the Cummies

Now its time to really get yourself going, it is time to gloss your lips and get ready for the full load, you want your yummy cummies in your mouth and you want to taste the bliss, be horny and become a cumwhore for me, all sissy love yummy cummies and today you are finally becoming your dream, You did step 1 with ease and loved it, you did step 2 and loved ot now you are at the last step and its time to graduate and become a full fledged sissy boi

Finally all the teasing is over. You get to cum today and you get to eat it and become a proud sissy. Congrats you are now an official cum whore sissy.

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