The Beckoning

The Beckoning

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 27 minutes

My sweet, are you ready for a sensual seduction designed to intoxicate your mind with lust, leaving you begging and aching for more?

Of course you are, as My horny hypnotic prey I'm going to retrain your subconscious mind to accept your dreams as a new reality, a place where I control both space and time allowing Me to warp the very fabric of your universe.

Through My guidance you will learn the true meaning of submission to a powerful Dominant, surrendering to My alluring charms, and accepting the inevitability of your psychological enslavement. I don't need to subvert your will to take absolute control, you willingly cum to Me, with the hope that by letting Me into your most private erotic fantasies I will dominate your thoughts.

This is the true power I have over you, My pet, the ability to coerce your reality so that your dreams of submission and subservience, to Me, become your TRUE existence. As you willingly relinquish the keys to the castle in your mind, to Me, this triggers a permanent power exchange that leaves you lost in lust and craving more of My seductive control. (giggles)

So, allow the Beckoning words of My sexy soothing voice lull you into deep submissive SLEEP, and I'll instill in you romantic thoughts so euphoric you'll be intoxicated with love, an adoration so strong it will preoccupy your waking thoughts of serving and submitting to Me. What a wonderful gift O/our wicked, devious, Domina is bestowing you, and you are a listen away from a new dreamy reality fixated wholly on Me.

I'll see you in O/our dreams, My sweet... Kisses

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