The chastity Files Cuckold Sissy

The chastity Files Cuckold Sissy

The chastity Files Cuckold Sissy

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The chastity Files - Cuckold Sissy. Sample
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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Samba Alex

Cuckold Sissy

The chastity files is a series designed for owners of a real chastity belt, and before you start listening, you should put on your chastity device.

You deserve to be in permanent chastity because your small penis is inadequate, your penis is so small, it´s pathetic, more like a clit, but men do not have clits.
So you have never been a man.You are nothing more than a cuckold bitch, a cuckold bitch in permanent chastity. I think it is a good idea to start a feminization process. 
Feminizing you, forcing that you are more female than male with your small penis.
You are a cuckold bitch who desires to please your mistress and you are cursed to become a sissy slut. 

Duration 46:48, including brainwaves and background music.

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I bought this and also "The chastity Files - Hot Wife" from the series.
I liked the files very much, both make me feel wonderfully submissive while listening.