The chastity Files - Hot Wife

The chastity Files - Hot Wife

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Samba Alex

You deeply love your key holder and want her to be satisfied by a real man, so you insist that she becomes a hot wife. 

You want her to go out and be the biggest slut she can be, while you are locked in permanent chastity, unable to relief.
Each time she goes on a date, your love for her will grow, and you  become incredibly horny thinking about it.
You are your mistresses dickies cuckold bitch who wishes to become a slut.
A chastised slave is far off being a man. 

It is a dickless cuckold bitch who needs to be feminized. 
The chastity files is a series designed for owners of a real chastity belt.
This file is designed for you.
Before you start listening, you should put on your chastity device.

Duration 45:49, including brainwaves and background music.

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I bought this and also "The chastity Files - Cuckold Sissy" from the series.
I liked the files very much, both make me feel wonderfully submissive while listening.