The Enforcer - Strike 1

The Enforcer - Strike 1

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 45 minutes

Do you believe you know Me, My submissive servant? you know I have many alter egos - the sexy nurse, the unethical therapist, the mysterious siren, the sensual seductress, even the sweet girl next door (giggles) - all of whom possess the irrepressible gift to mesmerize and subjugate any submissive mind into surrendering to My absolute authority, wouldn't you agree? (wink)

But did you also know that I have darker more assertive personas? These are strong-willed domineering personalities that revel in breaking the mind and body of submissives through mental subversion and physical discipline. As much as I enjoy hacking the submissive mind, bending it to My will, I equally enjoy the rigors of corporal punishment and breaking the spirit of My captive until he relinquishes all control to Me. There is a distinct pleasure coercing the cooperation and obedience of a submissive until he is primed for complete mental and physical enslavement.

In this session, W/we will explore what happens to those (lucky) submissives that fail to meet My exacting expectations or transgress in some way that demands My personal attention. Such deviants require more incisive conditioning, a heavier hand, to solicit their complete compliance to whatever depravity I deem as appropriate punishment for their misdeeds. (wicked grin)

you see, coercion is a powerful motivator in the hands of a skilled Dominant, like Myself, and I pride myself on being able to break down any mind and body until all that is left is deep mental surrender and a vulnerable, prone, powerless shell-of-a-man ready to be trained into a life of submission and servitude, taught to enjoy punishment even begging for it!

So, let Me introduce you to your Sheriff Domina, a law enforcement officer with a disarming smile, a commanding presence and a devious secret that may very well change your view of all Women in authority...

NOTE: There are two downloads for this session. you may want to experience both...the FREE VERSION is perfect for voyeurs.

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Customer Reviews

Shelles Slave Bubbles

I loved every second of Officer Shelles rough and sexy arrest of my mind... ❤ I felt completely immersed the entire time and enjoyed every moment of her complete domination... Looking forward to part 2!

Shelles Slave Bubbles

Definitely a darker more edgier persona of Domina Shelle that relishes breaking the spirit as well as the mind. This is a more classical dominance fantasy with more emphasis on BDSM elements and physical punishment as a means to teach a submissive right from wrong, good behaviour from bad behaviour, and acceptance of permanent enslavement without any thought or consideration of defiance. And who would dare to stand up to Her, She is so imposing, so confident in Her actions and so eager to dispense Her form of justice on those that fail to meet her expectations.

i actually enjoyed the session since it is intriguing to believe that behind that sweet innocent soft Domme persona we regularly associate with Domina Shelle there could be a tigress waiting to pounce, deviously playing with Her prey merely because She can. This contrast is what makes the session memorable, something to listen to again and again because with every new listen you admire (and adore) Domina Shelle more and more.