The Enforcer - Strike 2

The Enforcer - Strike 2

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 36+ minutes

READ CAREFULLY so that you are NOT shocked. This session will PUSH HARD LIMITS for some.

Do you believe you know Me, My submissive servant? I have darker, more assertive personas? These are strong-willed, domineering personalities that revel in breaking the body of a submissive through mental subversion and physical discipline. BE AWARE, My pet; My dark side enjoys hacking the submissive mind, a touch of corporal punishment and breaking the spirit of My captive until he relinquishes total control to Me (Evil giggle).

Although, not required, I would recommend listening to “The Enforcer-Part 1” before this session. In part 2 of My Enforcer series (second strike), W/we explore My Dark-side persona, Sheriff Shelle, as She exploits your sexual and physical desires. Be warned, this experience is a hardcore sexual trance, an experience you (or your cock) won't forget. Giggles, you might just want to listen again and again, as My hidden messages sink DEEPER and DEEPER into your enslaved mind. The 36-minute plus femdom erotic trance MP3 includes trancetic bondage, CBT fantasy, a surprise and more.

As My final warning (giggles)...this session is a hardcore mind fuck, which links a little pain to erotic pleasure. This erotic/pain linkage is important and will greatly assist you in progressing down your path to complete FEMDOM trancetic enslavement. So, My good boy, strip naked, put on your collar and listen NOW to The Enforcer - Strike 2. Sheriff Shelle is in control now.

Note: As a small experiment, I have created two versions of the MP3 and would love your thoughts on which version you enjoyed more. After listening to both sessions, tweet Me and leave on your review which version A or B you enjoyed the most.

Session A has male screams EFFECTS, great for voyeurs.

Session B is softer.

***BOTH sessions take you into a BEAUTIFUL TRANCE before fucking with your mind and body.

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