The Eraser

The Eraser

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 46 minutes

My sweet, on your journey DEEPER into submission it is important that W/we occasionally reflect on your training, particularly the erotic and hypnotic programming I have implanted deep in your subconscious mind.

I will easily open your RIGID mind to the possibilities of erotic seduction and hypnotic persuasion using only the sound of My voice, the wisdom of My words and your inevitable submission to My authority. I nourish your submissive mind. I am the focal point of your every erotic thought and with every passing day your desire to obey Me only gets stronger, a self-fulfilling prophecy where OBEDIENCE to Me is your only true PLEASURE!

Accept the truth, you love your Domina, you love My control and more than ever you know you cannot live without My seductive influence, shaping your submissive desires and erotic fantasies. I know this because I have programmed you to TRUST Me, compelled at a subconscious level to accept all My words as your TRUTH. I do this because I know what is best for you and, in this session, I will make you into My horny hypnotized zombie, mindless, blank and empty, ready to be consumed by My erotic essence, overwhelmed with a WET, ACHING, LUST... Don't worry, I know the perfect fixation POINT for you, sweet.

Hmm, there is no escape from My brainwashing, My pet, only blissful acceptance and surrender. you will be conditioned to relinquish all resistance and learn to submit more completely to My voice with repeated listens. In fact, this session, may quickly beCUM the most powerful erotic experiences of your life as My bubble of control erases all of your conscious will be sucked DRY...Might bring back memories of your first Mind Sucking. Giggles

Copyright © - Domina Shelle Rivers

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There is no escape from Domina Shelle's brainwashing just acceptance that Her domination is absolute. This is a statement i make in awe of Her skill to control emotions to a level that beggars belief. She demonstrates how easy it is for Her to manipulate your erotic cravings and use them to further enslave you to Her will.

This is powerful stuff and you will quickly be lost in lustful bliss as you happily, and willingly, hand Her the keys to your mind. By the end of the session you are a compliant thrall ripe for Her conditioning and all too willing to accept every beautiful word She utters as the unadulterated truth. Domina Shelle again makes me realize why i'm so addicted to Her control and infatuated by Her presence in my mind. She has the unique talent to take your dreams and make them your reality. Now that's true power...